Are You Up-To-Date?

Whether it’s minor control system updates or a complete overhaul, automated systems need regular updates over their lifetime to maintain peak performance. Control systems have many components that need to be updated to run efficiently, from PLC Software & Hardware to SCADA & HMI programs. In order to keep your system running optimally, retrofits and upgrades are a necessity to proper functionality. 

Every upgrade and retrofit is its own unique challenge with its own set of variables to consider. Small scale retrofits can be done with simple equipment swaps with little to no impact on your operations. Other larger scale retrofits completely alter the operation of a system, often requiring extensive installation and training which can lead to varying periods of downtime.

System upgrades are not an easy task. Navigating your way through a vast array of hardware, keeping a budget and scheduling downtime is a lot to consider. Our team at Coritech Services has decades of experience with system upgrades and retrofits, giving our team the capability to handle all of these variables for our clients in a timely manner, providing them a true turnkey solution.