System integration is the process of integrating both physical and digital components into one complete system that functions together as a coordinated whole. The physical components include hardware such as programmable automation controllers & programmable logic controllers (PAC/PLC), motors, valves, instruments, etc. Virtual components include custom programs, software, or cloud monitoring applications. 

The team at Coritech Services has the skills and experience to meet a wide range of system integration needs for a variety of industrial control applications. Whether it's a new system being built from the ground up or a retrofit to an existing system, we can provide a custom solution tailored to your needs. Through our years of work for clients utilizing custom programs, sensors, controls, PAC/PLC, and data acquisition software, our experienced team of engineers has the know-how to incorporate a wide variety of industry leading hardware and software into one complete turnkey solution.

Our team brings a wide range of resources, experience, and expertise needed to meet the toughest challenges presented by our clients. Coritech Services has a team of both engineers and designers who work hand-in-hand to provide our clients a complete package encompassing everything from design and specification all the way to start-up and commissioning. 

System Integration for the following: