Coritech provides engineering and fabrication services to LexTM3, a leader in portable power distribution and microgrid solutions for the military and commercial entertainment industries.

Lex TM3 is a leading manufacturer of innovative interconnect, power distribution, and power control systems for military applications. We specialize in smart and conventional portable power systems including distribution boxes, assemblies, connectors, cable protectors and other products designed to withstand rough use and harsh environments.

We are focused on being the best resource for Portable Power Distribution equipment using the most advanced manufacturing methods and equipment in the industry.


Power electronics


  • Mobile Electric Power Distribution System

  • Designed to receive power from Mobile Electric Power generators, consists of seven power distribution boxes housed in a weather resistant enclosure with main circuit breakers protecting the generator input and branch circuits.
  • The system can be located and operated in field environments with extreme temperatures
  • Waterproof, corrosion resistant, safe and reliable.

Alternative Energy Systems


  • Power Management Module 
  • Generator Control - start/stop generators safely as loads change (capable of operating with AMMPS, TQG, and COTS generators) 
  • Load Management - load prioritization, shedding, and phase balancing
  • System Monitoring - circuit-level power metering, alerts, data logging, & optional remote access Hybridization - integration of battery storage and other alternative power sources (PV, tactical electric vehicles) 

Intelligent Power Distribution


  • Portable Power Distribution

  • Our family of smart power modules function independently or as a system to improve system efficiency and reliability
  • LEX TM3 Systems offers a suite of portable power distribution options for military applications that are fail-safe, convenient, long-lasting and easy to deploy.
  • Uses: Shelter Systems, Mobile Base Camps, Remote Deployment, Shipyards, Air Fields, Railroads, Field Hospitals, Communication Tents

We have had the privilege to work with many leaders in the military.