Safety First


Safety is the top priority in any working environment. If the proper safety measures and precautions are not in place or maintained, you’re putting your workers directly in harm's way.

Unlike many other workplace hazards such as electrical hazards or trips and falls, gas hazards are often colorless and odorless giving no warning of a possible catastrophe. These gases can be highly flammable, corrosive, and cause asphyxiation which makes their immediate detection paramount.

Detect & Protect

Coritech utilizes top-of-the-line gas detection and sensing technologies paired with advanced controls and monitoring to give our clients an unrivaled complete gas detection system. Typical systems utilize a combination of audio and visual alarms, remote monitoring, shutoff valves, ventilation solutions, and web based live communication to give our clients the peace-of-mind they’re informed and prepared for any hazardous event.

Through our decades of work in the field, we’ve developed strong relationships with leading sensing manufacturers to give our clients the best and most cost-effective solutions.

Controls & Integration


Our vast experience in engineering and control system integration brings a level of service not found with gas detection hardware distributors and manufacturers.

Sensors & Transmitters

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We use leaders in sensing and detection technology along with incorporating advanced controls and monitoring devices to provide a proficient system that is cost effective.

Safety Alarming


Emergency alarm systems are crucial where onsite hazardous gasses or liquids are present. We've developed solutions that are accurate, low maintenance, and reliable to keep your working environment safe.

Solutions For Any Environment

We have systems in a wide variety of different environments. Some of the industries that we serve include: power & gas facilities, heavy industry, food & beverage, manufacturing plants, research & development, etc.


Hydrocarbon and Carbon Dioxide Monitoring


Gas Bottle Storage Room Monitoring


Wind Tunnel & Garage Monitoring


Chiller Plant Refrigerant Monitoring Systems

Calibration Services

Coritech Services also specializes in calibration and maintenance of toxic and combustible gas monitoring systems. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians will work with you to complete maintenance checks on your gas monitoring equipment.