PLC Programming

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) are the heart of any automated industrial control system. PLCs monitor input data from sensors and relays, and utilize specialized ladder logic to control a wide array of output devices, such as: motors, valves, alarms, actuators, etc. In order for a PLC to work optimally, it needs to be programmed correctly.


Coritech Services has a team of programmers with decades of experience and completed projects for a wide variety of industrial applications. Our programmers are trained and certified by leaders in PLC manufacturers including : Rockwell (Studio 5000, Factory View ME, FactoryTalk View SE, Wonderware), Allen Bradley ControlLogix, Automation Direct, Opto22 groov, GE, Siemens, etc.

After our programming is completed, we work with our clients to provide training for all operators on the system.


HMI & SCADA Programming


In order to pull everything together, a strong SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system is needed to integrate all of the PLCs on the network, a dependable database stores data, and a user-friendly Human Machine Interface (HMI) displays all the system information accurately allowing precise control of all systems.


System Features

Clients and Systems Include: