Automation and controls provide the foundation for any grow operation that demands high quality and yields in commercial greenhouse operations and cannabis grow facilities.  Our greenhouse automation company Growater Controls LLC provides the expertise and hardware required to assist your grow operation with the most advanced water purificationfertigationlighting and climate control systems.  Growater Controls are manufactured and supported in the USA.  Our team has over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of greenhouse automation products.  Growater is the master distributor and U.S. manufacturing partner for Climate Control Systems Inc. located in Leamington, Ontario Canada.

Water Purification

  • Computer controlled ozone water sterilization system for recycled irrigation waste water.
  • Designed specifically for sterilizing greenhouse waste water.
  • Custom designed to suit specific grower's needs.

Climate Control

  • Our Climate Manager is a process control computer capable of measuring & controlling 16 greenhouse compartments
  • Control up to 256 relay outputs for controlling heating & cooling, vents, fans, Co2, etc.
  • Simple Easy to use software programs for raising vegetables or flower crops.

Fertilizer Injection Control

  • Manage fertilizer & water usage
  • One central machine for multiple recipes
  • This streamlined system allows users to automate the process and program a variety of their own recipes for ease of use.

We have had the privilege to work with many leaders in the agricultural sector.