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Vehicle to Grid (V2G)


One of the many benefits to owning electric vehicles is to have the ability to use the vehicle as an additional energy source when not in use. Electric vehicles contain large batteries that store significant amounts of energy. This energy can be used to export power back to the utility AC power grid for many benefits such as offsetting power demand.


By plugging into bi-directional charging stations linked through advanced central control systems, these vehicles can respond instantly to spikes in electricity demand and charge themselves when the grid is stable.


V2G is one of the key applications of smart grid technologies that will help realize the economic value of mass deployment of Electric Vehicles. V2G technology has the capability to enhance the power grid's reliability and security by balancing demand against supply without the use of reserves or standby generators.




         The world's first commercial truck V2G demonstration using SAE J1772 standards was developed for the U.S. Department of Defense by Coritech Services, Inc. in 2013     (More Info).


         Coritech was a key partner in developing the largest vehicle-to-grid program in the country at the Los Angeles Air Force Base in 2014 (More Info).