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Coritech provides custom product design for many clients.  We develop custom control systems  for many manufacturers and OEM's in need of a single or small volume solution.

Fixed Gas Detection Systems

Coritech provides turn-key fixed gas detection systems for toxic and combustible hazardous gas environments and applications. 

Custom PLC and SCADA Systems

We design and build custom industrial control systems utilizing leading manufacturers of programmable logic controllers and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition software. 

Electric Vehicle DC V2G Fast Chargers

Coritech VGI Series DC Fast Chargers contain state-of-the-art power electronics which efficiently convert AC-to-DC power for charging and DC-to-AC for sending vehicle battery power to the utility grid for Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) operation. >> 

Licensed Professional Engineering Services

Coritech provides in-house licensed professional engineering expertise providing the reliability and integrity you require in all custom control system designs.  

Standards and Certifications

Coritech provides electrical control system designs that adhere and conform to the latest standards including NEC, UL and NFPA.  Coritech is a UL-508a certified control panel fabrication facility.

Fabrication - Design and fabrication of enclosures and packaging of control components. 

System Integration - Providing turn-key systems utilizing customized off-the-shelf (COTS) components 

Programming - Programmable logic controllers (PLC), embedded systems and HMI/SCADA software specialist. 

Electrical Schematics and Documentation - AutoCAD drafting and Autodesk 3D modeling.

Industrial Control Systems - Providing custom control systems for process control applications.